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God’s Favor: Because He First Favored Us

In my last post I wrote about the importance of wisdom as we seek God’s favor. God’s favor comes as a result of our listening, watching and waiting on Him. We’re dependent on His voice, His direction and His ways. God’s favor also comes from our living righteously (Psalm 5:12) and diligently seeking good (Proverbs […] Continue reading…

Submitting to One Another

In my last post, I defined submission as: Voluntarily giving in to one another. When we give ourselves to one another, we will know a peace, a harmony, and a unity that the world just doesn’t understand. Unfortunately, submission isn’t something that we can just make happen. It’s not going to work in five minutes […] Continue reading…

Knowing We are Free

Here’s something radically important for us to understand. The truth we know will set us free.

Hungering and Thirsting

When we’re hungering and thirsting, it’s painful. The pangs we experience are agonizing, deep, and desperate. We have a conscious awareness that we are in serious need of being filled and finding satisfaction. Hungering and thirsting for righteousness isn’t merely some passing whim, fleeting thought, or temporary desire. It’s not as if we think, Oh, […] Continue reading…

Humble Thyself

I want to take you back to the early or mid 1980s, to the church life into which I was saved. Typically during a service, some person would get up and play guitar—they could hardly play or sing, but they were humble enough to do their best. As a brand new Christian, I remember repeatedly […] Continue reading…

Blessed are the Meek

Our culture calls us to be self-assured and aggressive, possessing and marketing ourselves to get what we want. Meekness? Hardly.

Understand the Warning

No matter how successful we become in our Christian effort and ministry, it’s all for Him, through Him, and because of Him. When we do, it drives us to our knees. We cannot lose sight of Him.