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Genuine Motivational Rewards

The Apostle Paul is motivated. Why? Because he understood that he would be judged in the future and given rewards based on how he lived his life here on earth.  He writes in 2 Corinthians 5:8–10: We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the […] Continue reading…

Paul’s Passion for Hard-Pressed Living

The Apostle Paul lived the hard-pressed life. When you read Philippians 1:21-25 you can hear his passion. He was hard-pressed between going to Heaven and staying here and helping people in many ways. His heart was in Heaven while his hand was in the harvest. Paul lived for Jesus Christ. We can see it plainly […] Continue reading…

Hard Pressed Living: Heaven Captured Paul’s Heart

In my last post, I shared some beginning thoughts from our new series on Hard-Pressed Living. When we look at the Apostle Paul’s life, it obvious that he was heavenly-minded. He makes it clear that he’d like to go there immediately and he was excited to get going. Why do you think that’s so true? […] Continue reading…

Hard Pressed Living—The Beginning

This past Sunday we began a new series at Grace Chapel. You’re invited to watch it each week online (11:11 CDT service is broadcast live or you can watch it anytime thereafter), and I’ll be writing Blogs about it as the series unfolds. The full title of the series is: Hard-Pressed Living—Having Your Heart in […] Continue reading…

Submitting to One Another

In my last post, I defined submission as: Voluntarily giving in to one another. When we give ourselves to one another, we will know a peace, a harmony, and a unity that the world just doesn’t understand. Unfortunately, submission isn’t something that we can just make happen. It’s not going to work in five minutes […] Continue reading…

Free From Condemnation

Condemnation is being declared guilty because you have broken the law of God and are deserving of the penalty of spiritual death.  It is the breaking of God’s law that makes you feel guilty. Then, because of that guilt, and because God is just, it means that you are deserving of death for breaking the […] Continue reading…

Knowing We are Free

Here’s something radically important for us to understand. The truth we know will set us free.

Knowing Lasting Freedom

Our freedom comes from the God who created and designed it for us in the first place. Any freedom we try to find apart from freedom in Him isn’t going to last. It won’t come close to the freedom He has for us.

When God Changes Your Name

When we gave our heart to Jesus Christ, it was God asking us who are you? We said, “I’m a sinner. I’ve broken your law. I’ve lived an unholy life and I’m hell-bound.”

God’s Righteous Declaration

Justification involves not just the removal of everything awful in the past, but also the giving of added blessing of everything that He [God] is in the future. Isn’t that incredible?

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