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5 Facets of Jesus’ Humility

I don’t believe there is a clearer, more concise example of humility and what it looked like in the life of Jesus than Philippians 2:5-8. Paul wrote: “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with […] Continue reading…

Humility: The Most Important Thing

St. Augustine, all those years ago, was asked, “What is the number one, most important thing in all of Christianity?” St. Augustine said, “Humility.” They said, “Wow, that’s a profound answer. What is the second most important thing in all of Christianity?” He said, “Humility.” They asked him a third time, “Okay, great. Well, what […] Continue reading…

The Issue of Pride

Before we can fully understand humility, we need to grasp the issue of pride. The History of Pride Pride actually predates creation. The prophet Isaiah in his book (14:12–15) gives us a picture of what happened.  Lucifer wanted it all and his pride caused him to fall from Heaven. Lucifer (or Satan) wanted supremacy with […] Continue reading…

Understanding Humility

  It’s vital that we understand true, biblical humility. Let me give you a working definition. Humility is entirely trusting and depending on God, in every aspect of life, knowing our place as creation and submitting to God as creator. Let me break this down: Entirely trusting and depending on God: We live in a […] Continue reading…

Blessed Submission

I realize this is a controversial subject. I ask that you just hold on for a few minutes and read this post with an open mind. It’s a tough issue, but, I feel strongly that if we give ourselves to it in a holy and biblical way, we’ll know a peace, a harmony and a […] Continue reading…

Inheriting the Earth

Jesus says that people will be humbled—you can either fall on the rock or let the rock fall on you.

Authority Under Control

When we are leaders characterized by humility, we choose to serve. We choose to place the authority we have under control of the One who asks us to love Him and others first.

Powerful Obedience

We all need a good dose of reality: nobody’s thinking that much about any of us today.

Heart of the Matter

Jesus comes and begins to talk about the heart of the matter and the spirit of the Law. That’s what interests God.

Do You Know Who I AM?

There is no place in the Gospels’ accounts of Jesus’ life where He looked at people in an arrogant way and asked them, “Do you know who I am? Do you know who you’re talking to right now?” There was never a sense of that in Him, because humility doesn’t think or talk that way.

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