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Joseph: 14 Qualities of a Man of God

 Over my last posts I’ve highlighted a few of the incredible character attributes of Joseph, the earthly-father of Jesus. He was truly a heroic man of God and a man who had a faith and character that I want to emulate. As I studied for this short series I found fourteen characteristics of this man […] Continue reading…

Joseph: A Man of Heroic Character

 There is one person in the entire Christmas story that doesn’t receive a lot of attention. It’s Joseph, Jesus’ earthly, and oftentimes forgotten, father. We (the Christian church) do a great job talking about Jesus and, without a doubt we should. We talk about Mary and her role as Jesus’ mother. But, for some reason […] Continue reading…

New Year God’s Way—Hopeful Waiting for Restoration

I’ve shared over my last few posts that celebrating New Year God’s way should be different from what we normally do. New Year God’s way should be about a spiritual rousing. We should hear His trumpet blast and awaken from any spiritual complacency into repentance. It should be a time of awe-filled remembrance as we […] Continue reading…

One Word Can Make All the Difference

It starts with a word. It starts with an idea to challenge what God actually said. That’s how subtle satan’s  deception is. We are not deceived all at once. Instead, it’s a little bit at a time. It’s a slow (he’s patient) path to get us to a desired, destructive end. That’s how it works. […] Continue reading…

Abiding in Jesus

Over the last several weeks we’ve been talking about being free. Not just free as a country, but truly free from the bondage of old baggage and sin. It’s the freedom only Jesus can give to us. Scripture gives us some real encouragement, life-changing and life-transforming truth on how we can be free from life-dominating […] Continue reading…

Do We Settle or Hunger and Thirst?

As long as we see ourselves as just needy, we’re going to stay in the pig mud eating the world’s scraps.

Bring God Joy and Pleasure

When you are experiencing sanctification, the heartbeat of your very existence is to do those things that are right and holy and bring God joy and pleasure. You position yourself to live in obedience to truth.