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God of the Living

Our God is a God of the living, not the dead, and the saints in Heaven have been swallowed up by life (2 Corinthians 5:4). When they get swallowed up by life, guess what? They live!

Revealing the Deep Things of God

I posted this Blog article some time ago. It’s one of those topics that bears repeating: Scripture reveals so much to us at various times and in various ways. How many times have you read a familiar passage and realized you just learned something new and different? The Holy Bible is alive. It’s fresh and […] Continue reading…

No One Is Exempt from Pain

Yesterday I shared a message about how a heavenly mindset will help bring healing and hope to our hurts, pains and sorrows. One of the points I made is that Christians are not exempt from this issue of pain and sorrow—they happen to everyone. Scripture promises us tribulation, persecution and all kinds of troubling things. […] Continue reading…

Diving Deeper

Friends gave us books on grief in the days and weeks after Josiah left for Heaven. The only ones that ever brought comfort were those about Heaven. In others there seemed to be this common thread of relating grief to a tidal wave that picks you up, thrashes you around, and finally leaves you alive on the beach . . . but the Lord gave us a much different picture.

We Are One Body

Our family has been supported by the body here on earth and by the body in Heaven. We can imagine that the saints who are in Heaven have been praying for us since day one of our trials and that they continue to pray for us as we grieve.

Never Alone

Our son was never alone. And if your loved one knew Jesus, he or she was never alone. Jesus was there. He was there at the scene of the accident. He was there in the halls of the hospital. He was there in the prayers and songs of His people. Wherever His church is—in an ICU unit or together on a Sunday morning—He is there (Matthew 18:20), and we are never alone.

Why Have Heart?

Have heart, Christian—God loves you, His Word is true, and He is very good. Have heart—one day you’ll be reunited with your loved one. Have heart—your loved one is more alive and more joyful than ever. Have heart—your loved one’s legacy will continue to live here on earth. Have heart—you are not alone. God is in control, and He is ever present and the Master of turning sorrow into joy.

Our Universal Companions

The writer of the Book of Hebrews went to great lengths to describe how close our loved ones are: we are surrounded by a great cloud of heavenly inhabitants! (Hebrews 12:1, 22, 23)

Active, Alive . . . and Enlisted!

We were created to have meaningful work, and the saints in Heaven also have work to do. Whether our heavenly occupation will be related to our earthly occupation or to the special gifts and interests God has hard-wired into each person’s DNA, we know that working in service to the King in any capacity will be a joy.

Alive, Active . . . and Worshiping!

We were created to worship God, and our entire life in Heaven will be one big act of worship, only everything will be maximized beyond words compared to our best attempts at worship here on earth.

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