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A Maximized Heavenly Family

Everything will be maximized when we get to heaven. We’ll see and do things we can’t imagine with our earthly minds. Not only that, our relationships—friends and family—will be better than we can imagine while we’re still on this side of the veil. Randy Alcorn wrote: “Heaven won’t be without families; it will be one […] Continue reading…

Don’t Minimize Heaven’s Majesty

When we’re contemplating the glorious hope of heaven, we dare not minimize its majesty or glory. Robert Hall, a pastor and author from the 1700s, understood this and wrote, “In the contemplation of God, we are in no danger of going beyond our Subject; we are conversing about an infinite being. In the depths of […] Continue reading…

Revealing the Deep Things of God

God is revealing things to us through His Spirit, and the Spirit searches all things—even the tragedies and mysteries that are hard to comprehend. He’s there to reveal these deeper things to us (1 Corinthians 2:9, 10).

Jesus Heals Our Hearts

 In my last post I wrote about how Jesus heals us through forgiveness. We looked at the paralytic and the apostle Matthew and how they were spiritually healed. Jesus told the paralytic to “arise, take up your bed, and go to your house (Mark 2:9).” He was not only spiritually healed; he was physically healed […] Continue reading…

Alive, Active . . . and Praying

The Bible clearly tells us that right now in Heaven, there are people with emotions, feelings, and desires. They know what’s happening on earth, as much as God allows, and they’re interceding in Heaven and asking God to intervene in the affairs of earth.

Understanding Brokenheartedness

Brokenheartedness is way beyond just having a bad day or going through a tough season. Rest assured that God is there for those times as well, but we’re talking about a life-changing, soul-wrenching tragedy in which every other trial, every other heartbreak you’ve faced suddenly pales in comparison.

God’s Truth is THE Foundation

God is there patiently waiting for us. He’s there to start the healing process. He’s waiting for us with comfort and truth…

Bridging the Gulf

Christians are always stopping at the grave and trying to widen the gulf between this life and the next, but we need to realize all that God has for us in Heaven. We need to let ourselves be joyful about our future home and the home where our Christian loved ones are right now.

Grieving with Hope

Once you understand God’s truth, once you go after the Lord in the midst of your sorrow, then you can grieve with hope. Once you understand more about where our loved ones are, what they are doing, how alive they are, and the fact that they are present and near, then you can have peace and grieve with hope.

Managing Your Memories and Guarding Your Heart

Ask the Holy Spirit to direct you to thoughts that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, good, virtuous, and praiseworthy. Take every thought captive (2 Corinthians 10:4, 5), and if it is dark, lonely, bitter, or hurtful, throw it out! Those thoughts are of no use to you.

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