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The Very First Thanksgiving

In the fall of 1621, just a few months after the Mayflower left to go back to England, Gov. William Bradford announced a time of Thanksgiving. For three days, the pilgrims rejoiced in the goodness of God. The celebration was a response of these godly people to the truth of the Word of God that […] Continue reading…

Choosing God’s Favor

Have you ever watched someone’s Spiritual life and it just seems like they’ve got it all put together?  You watch their life and it seems like their faith is solid, and they are growing and  and maturing in the Lord. There seems to be this flow of goodness that happens to them. They seem to […] Continue reading…

What is Really Important?

Has our nation gone crazy? I don’t know how many of you saw what happened recently when Nike introduced their latest Air Jordan, but it was crazy. People getting pepper sprayed and creating mob-line scenes—over a tennis shoe? When I see something like that, it really shows me how society has lots its mind about […] Continue reading…

Knowing Lasting Freedom

Our freedom comes from the God who created and designed it for us in the first place. Any freedom we try to find apart from freedom in Him isn’t going to last. It won’t come close to the freedom He has for us.

God’s Righteous Declaration

Justification involves not just the removal of everything awful in the past, but also the giving of added blessing of everything that He [God] is in the future. Isn’t that incredible?

Happiness isn’t Filling

People are hungering and thirsting for happiness, but it’s mysteriously disappearing right in front of them because they are going about it backward.