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The Necessity of Vision

This past Sunday we recognized and celebrated all that God is doing and has been doing at Grace Chapel. It’s amazing! As the senior pastor I am grateful and humbled by what I see happening in every corner of our ministry. While we recognize and celebrate what He has done, we also need to look […] Continue reading…

The Theology of Shout

Many times, as we express our faith, we just need to shout. Shout in praise, shout for joy, and shout about God’s faithfulness when we’ve extended ourselves to believe and obey, in faith. I call it the theology of shout. Scripture gives us some vivid pictures of this: First we just need to read Joshua […] Continue reading…

A Faith Expressed

This past week Grace Chapel celebrated its 20th anniversary. While thinking through the past twenty years and celebrating God’s work in and through us, something about our church and our people really jumps out at me—we are a group who humbly and actively has a faith expressed. What do I mean by that? I can […] Continue reading…

Seeking God’s Presence

 One of the most sobering stories found in the Bible revolves around how both sinner and saint responded to God’s presence. Both 2 Samuel 6 and 1 Chronicles 13, 15 and 16 describe how Israel went about moving the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem from the house of Abinadab where it had been […] Continue reading…

Servant of All

I wonder how some churches and ministries would change if humility would invade our hearts!

A Message from Dave Krikac

My friends, I want to share with you this message from Grace Chapel Elder Dave Krikac for those of you who weren’t in church on Sunday, October 14, 2012. This will be my last Blog post for a while. This will be self-explanatory as you read Dave’s message below: Today is a good day—obviously. Today […] Continue reading…

The Challenge of Social Media for a Pastor

With all humility, I ask that you please give me grace. I want to communicate my heart to people through the many tools that are available.

What a 4th of July

People were laughing, eating, playing and the “ooohs and aahs” were heard every time the fireworks lit up the beautiful Tennessee night sky.

Never Alone

Our son was never alone. And if your loved one knew Jesus, he or she was never alone. Jesus was there. He was there at the scene of the accident. He was there in the halls of the hospital. He was there in the prayers and songs of His people. Wherever His church is—in an ICU unit or together on a Sunday morning—He is there (Matthew 18:20), and we are never alone.

True Humility Isn’t Self Promotion

We live in a day where we want to tell everybody anything that could make us look important. We do one thing, one small thing that doesn’t compare with raising a little girl from the dead, and we figure out ways to say it—setting it in Christian-speak, of course.

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