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True Humility Isn’t Self Promotion

We live in a day where we want to tell everybody anything that could make us look important. We do one thing, one small thing that doesn’t compare with raising a little girl from the dead, and we figure out ways to say it—setting it in Christian-speak, of course.

Blessed are the Meek

Our culture calls us to be self-assured and aggressive, possessing and marketing ourselves to get what we want. Meekness? Hardly.

Mourning Our Sin

As long as we see God as only being angry about our sin, sitting there with a big baseball bat waiting to beat us down, we’re never going to learn to mourn. It’s when we realize that our sinfulness causes God to weep that we have sorrow over our sin.

Understand the Warning

No matter how successful we become in our Christian effort and ministry, it’s all for Him, through Him, and because of Him. When we do, it drives us to our knees. We cannot lose sight of Him.

What Godly Sorrow Produces

When we look closely at godly sorrow, it challenges and encourages our hearts to start living with some mourning over our sin that will produce comfort from God Himself.

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