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A Picture of Real Freedom

All doctrine, everything the Scripture teaches us, has it’s ultimate expression in the life of Jesus. We see a very familiar story in John 8:3–11. The Scribes and the Pharisees bring a woman caught in adultery to Jesus and they ask him what they should do with her. As we read this, we have to […] Continue reading…

Abiding in Jesus

Over the last several weeks we’ve been talking about being free. Not just free as a country, but truly free from the bondage of old baggage and sin. It’s the freedom only Jesus can give to us. Scripture gives us some real encouragement, life-changing and life-transforming truth on how we can be free from life-dominating […] Continue reading…

When God Changes Your Name

When we gave our heart to Jesus Christ, it was God asking us who are you? We said, “I’m a sinner. I’ve broken your law. I’ve lived an unholy life and I’m hell-bound.”

God’s Righteous Declaration

Justification involves not just the removal of everything awful in the past, but also the giving of added blessing of everything that He [God] is in the future. Isn’t that incredible?

We Are One Body

Our family has been supported by the body here on earth and by the body in Heaven. We can imagine that the saints who are in Heaven have been praying for us since day one of our trials and that they continue to pray for us as we grieve.

Never Alone

Our son was never alone. And if your loved one knew Jesus, he or she was never alone. Jesus was there. He was there at the scene of the accident. He was there in the halls of the hospital. He was there in the prayers and songs of His people. Wherever His church is—in an ICU unit or together on a Sunday morning—He is there (Matthew 18:20), and we are never alone.

Why Have Heart?

Have heart, Christian—God loves you, His Word is true, and He is very good. Have heart—one day you’ll be reunited with your loved one. Have heart—your loved one is more alive and more joyful than ever. Have heart—your loved one’s legacy will continue to live here on earth. Have heart—you are not alone. God is in control, and He is ever present and the Master of turning sorrow into joy.

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