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New Year is about Spiritual Rousing

God’s New Year is about spiritual rousing. Leviticus 23:23–25 gives us a picture of New Year, God’s way. The blowing trumpet in ancient Israel marked solemn, joyful, and  urgent occasions. It caused them to be roused. This Scripture concerns the Feast of the Trumpets. It happened in the seventh month in the Jewish worship calendar and […] Continue reading…

Jesus Heals Our Hearts

 In my last post I wrote about how Jesus heals us through forgiveness. We looked at the paralytic and the apostle Matthew and how they were spiritually healed. Jesus told the paralytic to “arise, take up your bed, and go to your house (Mark 2:9).” He was not only spiritually healed; he was physically healed […] Continue reading…

Mourning Our Sin – A Lesson from King David

David sought God’s comfort. He confessed his sins. He put his face down in fear of the Lord and asked for mercy. He vehemently desired for God to blot out his transgressions and cleanse him.

The Kindness of God

 Earlier this week I blogged about kindness and tried to define it so we could understand it in the light of God’s Word. In this post I want to give an example of God’s kindness from the life of David. David is king in Israel at this point. The previous king, Saul, has been defeated […] Continue reading…

Does God Know What He’s Doing?

In my last post, I answered some questions about a loving God in the midst of suffering and pain. In this post I want to focus on why God allows prolonged suffering. The answer is because He knows what He is doing. He looks at things with an eternal perspective. He knows the beginning from […] Continue reading…

A Loving God in a Suffering World

As the church, we have to be able to effectively answer the question: How can there be a loving God in the midst of so much suffering?  Pollster and author George Barna tells us that it is the number one asked question by seekers and skeptics alike. In this post, I want to answer some […] Continue reading…

Grieving with Hope

Once you understand God’s truth, once you go after the Lord in the midst of your sorrow, then you can grieve with hope. Once you understand more about where our loved ones are, what they are doing, how alive they are, and the fact that they are present and near, then you can have peace and grieve with hope.

Managing Your Memories and Guarding Your Heart

Ask the Holy Spirit to direct you to thoughts that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, good, virtuous, and praiseworthy. Take every thought captive (2 Corinthians 10:4, 5), and if it is dark, lonely, bitter, or hurtful, throw it out! Those thoughts are of no use to you.

New Year God’s Way—Solemn Repentance

My last two posts looked at bringing in the New Year from God’s perspective. The first way we can do this is when we understand that God’s way of celebrating should cause a spiritual rousing in us. The trumpet blast of the new year should stir our hearts with an awakening blast from spiritual complacency […] Continue reading…

God With Us—Abiding in Him

In my last post I wrote about Immanuel—literally “God with us.” God sent His son to live among us to bring us a new life here on this earth as well as eternal life with Him, in Heaven. God not only sent His son to us. He goes one step further. God gives us the […] Continue reading…

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