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New Year is about Spiritual Rousing

God’s New Year is about spiritual rousing.

Leviticus 23:23–25 gives us a picture of New Year, God’s way. The blowing trumpet in ancient Israel marked solemn, joyful, and  urgent occasions. It caused them to be roused.

This Scripture concerns the Feast of the Trumpets. It happened in the seventh month in the Jewish worship calendar and it was also the first month (Tishri) in their civil calendar. The Feast of Trumpets ushered in the New Year (it came to be known as Rosh Hashanah and is the Jewish New Year celebration occurring during September/October of our calendar).

It was a  joyous description that lasted seven days (you can read more about and actual celebration in Nehemiah 8)! The feast prepared them for celebrating the Day of Atonement.

The blowing trumpet is a call for us as well. It’s a call for us to be awakened from any spiritual laziness to a new level of worship, awe and faith in God.

There were actually four kinds of trumpet blasts:

  • Sephardic’s blow—101 times a day, for the first 2 days of the new year. 101 times because it is the Hebrew numerical value for Michael the archangels’ name.
  • Tekiah blow—one long blast to rouse people from from complacency
  • Shevarim blow—three medium blasts to acknowledge brokenness
  • Teruah blow—nine or ten short blasts, bits of truth to produce repentance
  • Tekiah gedolah—one extra long blast symbolizing birth of newness

What does the coming New Year mean to you? Do you feel God rousing you from complacency?  In 2014, were you active in your faith or sitting in your deck chair waiting to be served? Listen for God’s trumpet and be roused from your complacency into all that God has for  you this year.

Do you feel God’s healing of your brokenness? Can you hear His trumpet blasting away so that you know that He understands and He can heal you? You can be aroused from brokenness right now.

2015 can begin with repentance and newness. You can be awakened by God’s trumpet blast from spiritual complacency and brokenness into repentance and new birth. That’s how we can celebrate New Year God’s way.

Do you hear the trumpet? How are you beginning 2015? Are you ready to ring in this New Year God’s way?

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