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Grateful for What He Has Done

Luke 17:11–19 shows us a stark contrast between gratitude—showing an attitude of thanksgiving—and ingratitude—an attitude of people who get what they want, then never come back and they forget God and all He’s done for them.Grateful-Woman

In 2015 I want to be sure I’m always grateful for what God has done and is doing and, occasionally, If I hit a snag, I want to remember what He’s done, not as a cut-in-stone monument, but as a living reminder of how He is working, and how He will continue to do great and mighty things.

Let’s look at the grateful leper from Luke’s Gospel.

First, he did what Jesus told him to do. In that time the priest had to “certify” such a healing and so Jesus sends all ten of them to see the priest. They all obeyed, however, wouldn’t it be interesting to see their faces as they approached the priest. My guess is the one grateful leper had a gracious, thankful look on his face and eagerness inside (“returned with a loud voice (NKJV)” to get back to Jesus.

Second, unlike the others who didn’t return, this grateful leper’s faith, Jesus said, “hath made thee whole. (KJV).” He received more than just healing to his skin. I think he received a healing to his heart—his heart was made whole and he received the love of God in all its fullness when he made the effort to return and give thanks to Jesus. He recognized what Jesus did, he celebrated what Jesus did (Luke 17:15) and as a result, his heart was full—his faith was whole.

This man was freed. His faith and his attitude made him whole. He had not just a restored body, but his heart and his soul were restored as well.

Third, this man was a Samaritan. Typically the Jews and the Samaritans didn’t like each other, but misery loves company so we find leprosy a shared misery. But, out of all of those ten who had been healed by Jesus, the one with the least amount of information about Him and perhaps the least knowledge about Him came back to thank Him. The fact is it is not always the most religious people who do the right thing. Often it’s the person who just so simply sees the act and he cannot respond in another way except to come back and say a humble, heart-felt thank you.

Let’s begin 2015 with grateful hearts. Let’s realize, like these ten men how desperately we need a touch from God and let’s take it a step further, like this one man and be grateful that Jesus is open and available to touch us.

Let’s also not forget that a grateful heart leads to praise and worship. Let’s start every day saying, “Lord, God, thank you for this new day! Thank you for this beautiful world in which I live. Lord, I’m going to enjoy every moment with you all day long.” That is the response that ought to come to our hearts when we think of what God has done for us. He hasn’t just saved us for a few new days to live. He has saved us for eternity

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