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How One Person Can Change the World

We can find so many heroes in the Bible who changed the world—Moses led his people out of captivity and slavery, Joshua led the people to the Promised Land, Nehemiah rebuilt the wall, Daniel stands for truth and David bested Goliath. I think we sometimes overlook one man who had dramatic impact on the spread of Christianity. His name was Andrew.Revival_MyRichland_org

In John 1:35–40 Andrew had been listening to John the Baptist preach. As John presented Jesus as God’s sacrifice for sin, Andrew trusted Christ and later became an apostle. Andrew is not often mentioned, but his life after accepting Christ demonstrates how one man can have tremendous impact.

Andrew was characteristically a humble man. He had no problem taking what might seem to many as second place. We often read in the Bible that Andrew was Simon Peter’s brother. It is clear that he lived under the shadow of his brother. Andrew was not one of the inner circle of the disciples. When Jesus healed Jairus’ daughter, when he went up to the Mount of Transfiguration, when he underwent his temptation in Gethsemane, it was Peter, James and John whom he took with him. It would have been so easy for Andrew to resent this because he was one of the first two disciples who ever followed Jesus. But all that never even occurred to Andrew. He was quite content to stand back and let others have the limelight; he was quite content to play a humble part in the company of the Twelve. All that was important to Andrew was to be with Jesus and to serve him as best as he could.

Secondly, Andrew was always leading others to Jesus. Three times we see Andrew in Scripture. There is this instance in John 1, and he brings Peter to Jesus. There is the instance in John 6:8–9 when he brings the boy with the five loaves and two small fishes to Jesus. And there is the time in John 12:22 when he brings the inquiring Greeks to Jesus. It was Andrew’s great joy to bring others to Jesus. He stands out as the man whose one desire in life was to share Jesus. Andrew is our great example in that he could not keep Jesus to himself. He was one man who helped change many lives.

One thing I have learned in over 25 years as a senior pastor is that bring others to Jesus Christ usually takes place on an individual, personal level. Most people do not come to Christ as an immediate response to a sermon they hear in a crowded setting. They come to Christ because of the influence of an individual—one person who is willing to share their story and their joy with them.

Too many Christians think they aren’t responsible to evangelize. There are few who, like Andrew, understand the value of befriending just one person and bringing him or her to Christ. Why? Because that one encounter will change not just one life, but has the opportunity, to affect countless lives. Remember, Andrew led Peter to Jesus and look what happened. Peter led thousands to Christ. Andrew’s obedience and heart led to spiritual transformation and a church that turned the world upside down.

3 responses to “How One Person Can Change the World”

  1. Laban says:

    Wonderful teaching of a commitment to keep the door open and influence and reform the world truly for the glory of God.

  2. cindy tobin says:

    Awesome and very encouraging to me!! Thank you!
    your sister-in-Christ,
    cindy tobin