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O God, Bend Me!

Before any revival happens there is always an honest evaluation of our spiritual condition, a desperation for God’s restoration and an intercession for God’s salvation. God responds to honest, desperate and praying people.

If we, our church, this nation, and this world are to have revival, we must have these three foundational ingredients in our hearts because apart from these nothing will happen.

So, let’s start with the first one—what does an honest evaluation of our spiritual condition look like?

Let me share a story from the Welsh revival in 1904.

Evan Roberts came from a typical Welsh family and was the son of godly parents. He started working in the Welsh mines at twelve years old. He took his Bible everywhere and he regularly studied it. One night, in the spring of 1904 God drew him even closer. In his words, “He prayed by his bedside at night and he was taken up into a great expanse—without space or time—into communion with God.”

Before this moment, Evan Roberts was afraid of God, but after this, God awakened him nightly and took him up into divine fellowship for about four hours. Fear turned to awe and worship. This special time with God continued for several months. Evan was entering Bible School, and one evening the Reverend Seth Joshua took Evan and a group of twenty young people To Blaenanerch to attend meetings.

“Singing and praising they reached Blaenanerch in time for seven o’clock service which was being conducted by one of the missioners. Evan Roberts was already deeply moved, but he quite broke down when at the close Mr. Joshua led in prayer and used the words, “Plyg ni, O Arglwydd”—“Bend us, O Lord.” [Evan] heard no words but these. “This is what you need,” whispered the Spirit of God. “Bend me, O Lord,” he cried.”

Evan Roberts stayed for the next service. He later said, “I fell on my knees with my arms over the seat in front of me and the tears flowed freely. I cried, ‘Bend me! Bend me! Bend us!’”

Evan Roberts went on to be one of the leaders of the Welsh revival. He followed God’s command to spread the Gospel to his nation and well beyond. [1]

J. Edwin Orr wrote, The Welsh Revival was: “the farthest reaching of the movements of general awakening, for it affected the whole of the evangelical cause in India, Korea and China, renewed revival in Japan and South Africa, and sent a wave of awakenings over Africa, Latin America and the South Seas.”[2]

Evan Roberts played a huge part in the Welsh revival. He recognized society’s pitiful condition, he recognized that he first needed God’s bending and he followed the Holy Spirit’s leading to do great and mighty things. Evan Roberts heeded to an honest evaluation of his own spiritual condition. He “bent” to God’s will and God’s way. Then, he went out, with God’s power, to change his nation.

What about you? Do you see the perilous times we are living in today? Are you looking for revival? Are you first open to some bending? Let’s pray that prayer together—O God Bend me! Then, let’s open our hearts to what God has for us individually and as a church.

[1] Taken from Jessie Penn-Lewis, The Awakenking in Wales: A First-hand Account of the Welsh Revival of 1904, (Fort Washington, PA: CLC Publications, 1993), pp. 65–75

[2] Elmer L. Towns and Douglas Porter, The Ten Greatest Revivals Ever, (Gospel Light Publications, 2000), 36

One response to “O God, Bend Me!”

  1. Gayle Howell says:

    Awesome Pastor Steve! Psalm 24:4-5 gives us a track to run on. Show me, teach me, guide me Lord. The interesting thing about the Hebrew word for guide is “darak” which also has a meaning of “to bend, like a bow” as in ready to launch an arrow. The accuracy and speed of the arrow’s flight has to do with the flexibility of the bow. This word also means to tread down or march forth. OH God “Bend Us” in preparation to launch an attack on the enemy the likes of which has never been seen before as we march forth treading down Your enemies. “There’s an Army risin’ up to break every chain” and it all begins with Prayer! AMEN!!