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God’s Ten Most Wanted

Ezekiel 38 and 39 give us detail of a coming attack on Israel by a confederation of peoples to the north of Israel, living somewhere around the Black and Caspian seas. Many attempts have been made to conclusively identify the individual named “Gog,” as well as the places named in these chapters. I’ve done a lot of study personal study on them and want to share what I’ve discovered.

Gog. He is a man. He’s the person who leads this confederation of pagan forces. He sees Israel as a great treasure and wants to take her by force. In the end, however, God uses this man much as He did with the Pharaoh of the Exodus (Exodus 7:1–5; 14:4, 17, 18). We also read about Gog again in Revelation 20:7–9.

Magog. For years people have assumed this country represented what we now call Russia, but there’s more to the answer than that. Magog was the land of the ancient Scythians. They dwelt north and east of the Black and Caspian Seas, literally southern Russia. Today the country would include Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and parts of Turkey—a whole swath of area from central Asia to China’s border.

Rosh/Meshech/Tubal. This area includes parts of Turkey, Russia and the Ukraine (Crimea, of recent headline fame).

Persia. This is the easiest country to identify. It’s Iran.

Ethiopia. This is today’s Sudan.

Libya This country includes portions of northern Africa, excluding Egypt.

Gomer and Togarmah. This is the remaining section of eastern Turkey to Azerbaijan. Notice that the entire area of Turkey is accounted for, plus large portions of Russia, Iran, Sudan, and Libya.

This is God’s Ten Most Wanted defined by today’s world map.

As we read today’s headlines there are some things we need to understand:

  • Most importantly, as we study prophecy we need to understand that God is telling us what’s going to happen before it actually happens. He tells us so we can prepare and pray. We must remember who is in charge. We must keep our eyes focused on God as we are seeing an unholy union develop to destroy Israel 2,500 years after God spoke about it. He tells us what is going to happen before it happens and it’s all in His Word.
  • We also need to closely watch the aligning of Russia with Turkey. More than 50% of Turkey’s natural gas comes from Russia and nearly 1/3 of their economy is dependent upon Russia. Now, there is a new, radical, anti-Israeli leader who is not friendly to the west. This alliance is an important partnership we need to watch as it helps us understand how these two countries could unite to attack Israel.
  • Thirdly, the God’s Ten Most Wanted has something in common—Islam. Twelve hundred years before Mohammad was born and Islam begins, God, in Ezekiel, tells us that those nations all have Islam in common and a shared hatred for Israel, with unite in the latter times to come against Israel. Twenty-five hundred years after Ezekiel’s prophecy, the front pages of today’s newspapers are confirming His rock-solid word of prophecy!

We have a choice. We can sit and be fearful as these prophetic events unfold, or we can give our lives to the eternal things of God. We can put our complete trust in Him and what He says, and then we can set aside the things that don’t matter and focus on what really matters to Him. We can choose to stand up, show up and sign up for what He lays on our hearts. He’s preparing us and expecting us to respond.

It’s an exciting time—let’s see what God has for us to do, for His Kingdom and eternity.


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