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Crazy or Clarity

There is one thing that brings clarity to crazy times—the fact that God is in charge. As long as we’re on God’s team, we can have hope, peace, and yes, clarity.

Proverbs 21:1 tells us, “The King’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as are the watercourses; He turns it whichever way He wills (NKJV).” The world powers may not realize it, they may not even believe in God. But God still has the power to work in and through them to meet the needs of His people and to accomplish His will and eternal plan. Clarity is knowing that God is in charge and can work through even the most evil men or circumstances to accomplish His purposes.

Authors and Bible teachers H. Wayne House and William Grover wrote:

You can trust God at all times because “power belongs to God”! This is what we need to remember in our times of greatest difficulty, when we wonder if God is really in charge. Though this world is on a frenzied roller coaster ride jarring and turning and rising and falling, God is not just another passenger on the roller coaster. Though our lives may seem to be bouncing freely out of control, we must keep in mind we see things from a limited perspective. God has a plan in all this that should give us optimism even when we suffer. This divine plan means that all things, even tragic things, that happen to us are under the sovereign, divine dominion of almighty God who loves us dearly. God has power; He is in charge![1]

Deuteronomy 32:39 gives us a vivid picture. It says, “See now that I am He, and there is no god beside Me; I kill and I make alive, I wound and heal, and there is none who can deliver out of my Hand.”

God alone is in charge. He alone saves and He alone destroys. The Believer’s Bible Commentary says, “He has sworn by Himself (for there is no one greater) to deal with His adversaries.”[2] He is in charge over everything and every adversary.

Let me ask you, are you looking for clarity in your life? Are you worried about the craziness of current events? Do you truly believe that God is in control of every circumstance and that He is in charge?

Are you willing to trust Him to take care of you?

Or are you on the wrong team? Are things crazy? Are you stubborn and demanding your own way? Are you fighting against God every day and every time an opportunity comes for you to get right with Him?

Which person are you? Let me say that God loves you and He died for you. It’s not scary to let Him be in charge, it’s absolute freedom to trust and know Him. Knowing Him brings clarity to your life.

If you don’t know Him, will you take that step before another day crazy day without clarity goes by?

[1] H. Wayne House, William Glover, Does God Feel Your Pain? Finding Answers When life Hurts, (Eugene, OR, Harvest House Publishers, 2009), 73

[2] William MacDonald, edited by Art Farstad, Believers Bible Commentary, (Nashville, TN, Thomas Nelson, Inc., 1990), e-Sword edition

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