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What Heaven is NOT

Oftentimes we can better understand something if we know what it is not. For example, the guessing game of Twenty Questions is a popular way to understand what something is by knowing what it is not.

We are going to gain a deeper understanding of heaven by looking at things that are not there, which make heaven incredibly awesome.

Scripture What Is Not in heaven
Revelation 20:10 The devil and his demons are not in heaven. Satan’s deceptive works are not there.
Revelation 21:4 There will be no tears in heaven. God will wipe away every one of them. There will be no death, pain, or sorrow.
Revelation 21:8 Murder, sexual immorality, pornography, sorcery, drug addiction, and witchcraft are not in heaven. Every evil thing that these sins create is completely gone and absent from heaven.
Revelation 21:23–25 There’s no darkness in heaven. God illuminates heaven with His glory.
Revelation 21:27 There is no sin in heaven. Nothing enters heaven that will defile, contaminate, or pollute it. Nothing is in heaven that doesn’t reflect the perfection of God.
Revelation 22:3 There’s no more curse in heaven. Think about it. Every byproduct of the Fall is nonexistent.

Learning that these things won’t be in heaven is some of the best news we could ever hear, and it also helps us see its magnificence even more clearly. This list helps us not to be apprehensive about going there. Rather, it gives us hope and a longing for the things above. We want to experience heaven because we’ll be free of so much of what we have to endure on earth. It’s incredibly exciting, and it’s in that hope that we can find rest and peace.

How does this list encourage you? How does it help you to know heaven better and feel free?


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