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We All Have a Story to Tell

 All of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior have a story to tell. Yet, most people don’t. We often think, “It’s the preacher’s job.” But in all reality, it’s everyone’s responsibility (really privilege).

George Barna wrote, “One of the common reactions of Christians is that they do not need to engage in evangelism because it is not their gift. The reality is that God expects all of his people to reach out with the good news about what he has done for all people. Being open to personal involvement in evangelism is not a matter of receiving supernatural ability to proselytize, it is an issue of heartfelt gratitude for an underserved gift of eternal life and a willingness to share that gift with other undeserving people.”[1]

Pastor Bill Hybels said, “No earthly enterprise is as important as the business of bringing lost people to the cross of Christ. This should be central to the lives of all of His followers, regardless of what they do for a career.”[2]

Sri Lanken theologian D.T. Niles put it this way, “Christianity if one beggar telling another beggar where he found bread.”[3]

The easiest and simplest way for us to share our faith is with our own story and we should be able to tell it to someone in three minutes or less. Give them a hint of what your life was like before Jesus and then spend most of the time telling them how Jesus has changed your life.

Nobody can argue with your story. No one can deny it or argue against it. It’s your story.

Helping people come to know Jesus Christ isn’t an art to be mastered. It’s not cold and calculating system of methods. God has called you and I to participate in sharing His Good News and the impact it’s had on our lives.

Take time to reflect on your experiences with Jesus—times you knew He was near. Think about how you could share those experiences with people (in under three minutes).  Look for opportunities to share and, if you realize you’ve missed an opportunity, thank God for His prompting and ask Jesus to open your eyes for more opportunities.

Telling people about Jesus involves sharing your personal faith story with them. It shows them the passion of your heart and opens their hearts to hear more.

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