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Getting Out of Our Comfort Zones

 Jesus asks us to get out of our comfort zone in many of His parables. None if more challenging than the parable of the lost sheep in John 15: 3–7.  In this parable He clearly shows us a man out of his comfort zone. He had ninety-nine sheep all safe and tucked in the pen. But, something happens. One sheep escapes, wanders away and the shepherd has to leave his comfort to go find it. In the same way, Jesus challenges us to be ready to go out from our little place of safety, security and familiarity in order to rescue the lost.

I’ve got to confess to you, I love comfort! I love my chair. I love my stupid blanket on my chair. There are times when my chair, my blanket and the remote control are the trinity of comfort!

We work towards comfort. We work to have our things in order, to be “in control” and to be able to predict just how things will go. The issue is, God doesn’t always obey the rules. Sometimes He takes His cross and sticks it right in the middle of our plans and stirs things up—to get us out of our comfort zone and go after the one that’s lost, and to break through our own complacency and our own spiritual sleepiness. He moves us to help us realize there is a world out there that has wandered from Him, and He needs us to respond.

R. T. Kendall wrote, “Our comfort zones let us feel at ease day and night, no matter what we do or where we go.” Instead of being comfortable, he feels we need to be “known in Hell.” Why? Because, as he writes, “A commitment to Christ inspires action that Satan can’t help but notice. Is Satan aware of you? Is he working overtime to keep you and your eternal love of Christ from threatening his interests?”[1]

How willing are you to be led out of your comfort zone? How willing are you to be known and feared in Hell? Or, do you choose not to listen to Christ’s voice and stay with the safe ninety-nine?

 We all need to pray, Jesus, I’m ready and willing to get out of my comfort zone. I’m ready to go out from safety and security and familiarity and order so that I might fulfill the calling of You that is on my life.”

Grace Chapel exists today because four selfless families were willing to step out of their comfort zones, move 2,000 miles from safety, security and familiarity to a place where they didn’t know a person, but clearly heard God’s voice and calling.

Where is God calling you? Do you hear His voice taking you away from your comfort zone to minister, love and find the lost? Are you willing to listen to His marching orders and go?

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[1] R. T. Kendall, Out of Your Comfort Zone: Is God Too Nice? (New York, Warner Faith, 2006), E-book edition

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