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Being Open to God’s Supernatural Power

 Oftentimes we miss it. God supernaturally does something very special and miraculous and it goes by us like a speeding train as we stand on the station platform. We’re ready (on the platform) but we miss it as it goes by us because it’s different from what we thought it might be.

One example from the Bible of this is found in the book of Mark. In the fifth chapter Jesus and His disciples crossed the Sea of Galilee and landed in the Gentile region of Gadara. A wild, bleeding, shrieking maniac confronted them. He lived in a graveyard and the demons gave him supernatural strength and made him self-destructive. Knowing Jesus was the Son of God, and they were condemned, the demons requested to be sent into nearby swine. This may have been an effort to try and kill Jesus and His followers with wild animals or to turn the local people against Jesus by destroying the pigs (5:12). The people begged Jesus to leave (5:13–17). But, the demoniac wanted to stay with Jesus. While Jesus “did not permit him,” the demoniac “departed and began to proclaim to Decapolis all that Jesus had done.”

This miracle tested the character of the people. It took them off guard and showed their true natures.  We see so much in how they responded to this supernatural miracle:

  • The demoniac worshipped Him (5:6)
  • Some shunned Him (5:14).
  • Some were afraid (5:15).
  • Others began to plead with Jesus to leave the region (5:17).

It’s interesting to me that the people were more open to the demonic than the holy. Doesn’t that reflect our culture today as well? It seems that so much of our entertainment is based on demonic influence that we readily accept and yet, as a culture, we are so quick to reject the holy.

Here’s a fact: If we are to be in the flow of the Holy Spirit, we need to be open to God’s supernatural, holy work. Like the demoniac, we need to worship God and then also proclaim all He is doing. We can’t be like the Gentiles of Gadara and shun Him or be afraid of what He is doing. Nor can we run away from what He is doing. We need to embrace it. We need to proclaim it.

We also must realize the supernatural power of God might come in a package or process that we aren’t ready for, that we’re uncomfortable with, or a way with which we are unfamiliar. We need to be open to what God is doing and open to how He chooses to do it. We can’t put him in our own “comfortable” box.

Charles Spurgeon wrote, “True religion is supernatural at its beginning, supernatural in its continuance, and supernatural at its close. It is the work of God from first to last.”[1]

Our God is a supernatural God. Let’s face it our own rebirth as a believer is a supernatural work of the Spirit of God. John Calvin wrote, “Everything in us that is good, therefore, is the supernatural work of God.”[2]

How can we recognize God’s supernatural work? We need to be open to Him. We need to be in the flow of the Holy Spirit and let Him guide us, lead us and direct us to see God’s work with eyes wide open and hearts that are expectant.

Are you ready for what God is doing in your life? Are you open to the flow of the Holy Spirit and unlimited ways of bringing us God’s work and voice?

[1] Charles Spurgeon (edited by Daniel Partner), Essential Words of Charles Spurgeon, Selected Books, Sermons and Other Writings, (Uhrichsville, OH, Barbour Publishing, Inc., 2009), eBook edition

[2] R.C. Sproul, Willing to Believe: The Controversy Over Free Will, (Grand Rapids, Baker Books, 1997), 117

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