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Conquering Personal Strongholds

I’ve been posting recently from our series on Winning the Mind Wars. My last few Blog articles have laid the framework so that there would be a clear understanding of what happens in our minds with our thoughts and the dangers we face if we don’t take every thought captive to God’s Word and way.

When we allow the enemy to control our thoughts, they become strongholds. When strongholds are created, it affects our relationships with other people, our relationship within ourselves, and our relationship with God.

Before we examine some specific personal strongholds it’s important that that we first look at six attitudes we must have. These attitudes will determine how well we’re able to consider at our strongholds and how well we’ll be able to begin, with God’s help, to break them down and ultimately defeat them.

  • Humility. It’s critical that we have a realistic perspective of our own self and those thoughts that hold us captive. We need calmness and sobriety of spirit so when we hear the truth it might challenge or correct us, as well as bring about change. We need to be humble enough to receive the truth and not let pride or egos cause us to resist and reject it.
  • Honesty. It is going to take candor for us to look deeply into our hearts and minds. These are very personal places. This may be the first time you’ve ever gone this intensely and it could be scary, it could be painful. It will take a good deal of openness to stop playing games and making excuses. It takes honesty to admit where you are and what strongholds may be holding you prisoner.
  • Recognition. After humbly and honestly looking at ourselves, we need to own what we see.
  • Repentance. Once we own what we’re seeing, it’s time to repent and turn away from it. We need to respond in the way God would want us to respond. Our hearts need to be opened to Him and not hardened. We can’t resist or rebel from what we humbly and honestly see in ourselves. We can’t be arrogant. Instead, we need to turn to Jesus.
  • Reward. If you are willing to have the first five attitudes, there will be a reward. There will be a gift of freedom and liberty. There will be rewards in your relationship with other people, and most importantly in your relationship with God.
  • Renewal. Where there were filters and strongholds that enslaved you, your mind will be different and renewed. You’ll be able to be freer and live a more bountiful life in Christ.

Six important words for us all to keep in mind as we begin to look deeply at ourselves and discover strongholds that are holding us back, putting us in bondage and ultimately keeping us from the freedom we have in Christ and the life He came to give us.

One response to “Conquering Personal Strongholds”

  1. Steve, these attitudes in the process from stronghold to freedom are excellent and they work! They are in my testimony. Also, I have found that many times people are discouraged and become confused because they still have sad emotions that come and go even though they have repented and been forgiven of wrongs they committed. There is a difference in being set free by forgiveness and the emotional healing from hurt, loss, grief that takes time to diminish. Months or years later waves of grief can flow over us, but that doesn’t mean we are not forgiven! We may never be completely be pain free from the consequences of our wrong actions or from those that happened to us. However we can mourn and be comforted together…but that is a whole different teaching. Great teaching on strongholds!