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The Challenge of Social Media for a Pastor

I originally posted this almost two years ago. In light of my sabattical and just the busyness in all of our lives, I think the subject bears repeating.

Can we talk about social media?

I have come to a place where I like it. At first, I was skeptical. Who cared if I was at Sweet CeCe’s or out to dinner? I only saw the surface and didn’t see the opportunity of sharing my heart and what God is showing me. I’m learning.

So here’s the truth beloved — this stuff opens doors that are hard for me to manage. One thing is time. All this social media isn’t an easy thing to do well all the time. I have a large church flock to tend, and I have a family that really needs me. So, I try not to take big chunks from my day so to answer every single Twitter or Facebook post. I really wish I could connect with you all, but I apologize, I just cannot all the time.

So, here it is, it’s very hard for me to do “business” through social media. I have a great staff and an exceptional Administrative Assistant ( who, during business hours, can help you, answer your questions about Grace Chapel, or simply line us up for a phone call or personal meeting when necessary. Bottom line, all the “business” of the ministry goes through the church office and email, not my Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Grace Chapel also has a website and if you have specific ministry questions, chances are, you can link directly to the ministry. The ministry leader’s email is right there for you. They have the answers. It’s much easier and far less stress for both of us if you’d do that.

With all humility, I ask that you please give me grace. I want to communicate my heart to people through the many tools that are available. I don’t want you to be frustrated that I don’t get back to you, I just need you to understand and appreciate my priorities and the best way you can be served.

Thank you and God bless you.

4 responses to “The Challenge of Social Media for a Pastor”

  1. Dawn Graves says:

    I “totally” get it and most times I don’t require a response, really I don’t :)

  2. James Q says:

    When I comment, it is usually just to encourage you. No response necessary. We feel blessed to be a part of your life in any way. Love you Steve.

  3. Anita says:

    Just share your heart!

  4. I am sure most people understand how difficult it must be for you. No doubt, due to your position at the church and as a member of social media sites, you must receive loads of communications in various forms. I hope most folks don’t expect a personal response from their comments because that alone would take up most of your day. I think you are such a likable, dedicated guy that people have a desire to encourage you and express their gratitude to God for making you a part of their lives. God and family first.