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Are You Preparing for Jesus’ Return?

It’s radically important for us to be spiritually preparing and ready for Jesus’ return. In 1 John 3:1–3. the Apostle John tells us, “We know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.”

Why do we need to prepare? Because living in the constant awareness that the Lord’s coming is soon should have a definite effect on the way we live.  John tells us that the hopeful returning of Jesus Christ should cause all of us to purify ourselves. It means we should be cleansed from impurity. It means we should fully cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Preparing leads to an awareness of Jesus coming. Since we’re aware, we’re seeking Him and His ways. This seeking leads us to want to be like Him. This desire leads us to want to purify ourselves, but we quickly realize we cannot do it on our own—we need to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. We have to let the Holy Spirit have His way with us so that we can live the transformed (pure) life and be conformed to Jesus’ image.

That’s what preparing does. It gets our minds and hearts focused on Jesus’ way, will and Word. It gets us looking heavenward, instead of at the world. It moves us to want to cooperate fully with the leading and under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. It means He’s welcome to transform us and give us the power we need to do what God’s calling us to do and be.

What happens when we’re not preparing?

The condition of many believers, generally speaking, is one of compromise and apathy. They slide backwards away from God and away from the leading of the Holy Spirit. They’re miserable. They’re not enjoying the fullness of Jesus because they’re not focused on Him and His return. Instead, they’re focused on things that don’t have any eternal value. This has to stop. It’s destructive and ungodly behavior.

The true believer in Jesus Christ spends their time preparing. They are going to listen and submit to the Holy Spirit. They are going to obey what He tells them because they know Jesus could come at any moment—at a blink of an eye—and they don’t want to miss out. They don’t want to mess around with the world when they could fully have Jesus.

What about you? Are you preparing? Are you living a life that’s openly cooperating with the Holy Spirit because you know Jesus is coming and you can’t wait to “see Him as He is”? Or, are you compromising and procrastinating? If you are in this last group, here’s a word for you—Don’t.

Don’t wait any longer. Don’t deny the leading of the Holy Spirit. Don’t let the world’s way confuse you and lead you. Turn your heart toward Jesus and His return. Ask for His forgiveness and repent. Live your life focused on the excitement of seeing and being with Jesus.

3 responses to “Are You Preparing for Jesus’ Return?”

  1. Such a great reminder to us Pastor Steve! As a young boy I would know that my dad, a long-haul trucker, would be coming home soon. It was a time of waiting; no cellphones or texts then to get updates. My brother and I would wait eagerly, occasionally looking out the window, listening for the rumble of the diesel engine. We would sometimes think we heard him, but it was just our imaginations. Then the growl of the big truck and the blast from his air horn would send us running from the house to greet him as the semi rolled up. Other children would come running to join us in the welcoming parade. Being motivated, and fast (back then) I would be the first to grab the ladder on dad’s side of the cab and climb up to give him a hug. His big smile and the celebration of his arrival home brought joy to all of us. It is a taste for me of what joining our Savior on His return will be!

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