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Are You Preparing for Jesus Return or Pretending?

Jesus, in the parable of the ten virgins gives us a great picture of people who are preparing for His coming as well as those who are simply pretending.

In Matthew 25:1–13 Jesus tells what should be a disturbing parable for those who simply pretend that He’s coming or pretend to be getting ready for it.

This parable introduces us to ten virgins. Five are called wise virgins. They were preparing for the Bridegroom’s (Jesus) return. They understood that spiritually preparing for Jesus return was a wise thing to do.

He tells us that these wise virgins took oil for their lamps. Symbolically the oil represents the Holy Spirit. In this parable Jesus is pointing to the importance of including the Holy Spirit in our preparation. The Holy Spirit was with them and in them. They were cooperating with Him.

The result of having oil (the Holy Spirit) was that He was leading them. He was a present reality in their lives to light their way to the Bridegroom (Jesus). Why was this important? Because when we don’t include the Holy Spirit, we easily fall down in the darkness. A person can’t find their way to Jesus—they stumble. The wise virgins knew they needed the oil of God’s Spirit (and so do we!) to light their way.

The wise virgins also reaped the reward for being spiritually prepared. They went into the wedding and met the Bridegroom when He returned for them. This is such an important point—friends, we have to be spiritually prepared for our own face-to-face encounter with the Savoir. The wise virgins were prepared and we need to prepare our hearts as well.

Let’s look at the other five virgins mentioned in the parable. Jesus calls them foolish. They were pretenders. They had lamps with them (probably the same lamps as the wise virgins), but, they had no oil. They had capacity; but no substance. They had form without source. Outwardly they looked prepared, but inwardly, in their hearts, they were just pretending.

The foolish virgins hung out with the right people. They were in the right crowd. They were present and they even had the right lamps. But, they didn’t have the oil—the presence and power of the Holy Spirit working in them and through them. They didn’t have a light to keep them from stumbling.

The foolish virgins were lazy and irresponsible. They wanted other people to provide things for them they could provide for themselves. They were reliant on others when they were the ones who needed to fill their own lamps. They needed to put themselves in God’s presence, worship Him, read His Word and obey. They wanted to pretend, God says, “Get your own oil. Nobody can get it for you.”

On top of being lazy, they were procrastinators. They went to get some oil, but it was too late. Here the point—you can’t get your own oil after Jesus comes back. The time to get your own oil is NOW. It’s today. Procrastination only puts you at tremendous risk of not being able to be with the Bridegroom. You have to get your oil before He returns.

Are you prepared or are you pretending? Are you ready or are you putting “getting your oil” off until tomorrow? What if He comes back tonight? Friend, “tomorrow” won’t work if He chooses to come back today or tonight. You’ll miss Him.

Be preparing. Get your oil and light your lamp. Read 2 Peter 3:10–14 and 17–18. Look at the words Peter uses: Be holy, be godly, be looking, be longing, be diligent, be peaceful, be blameless and be growing. These are words for people who are preparing. We must take Jesus’ returning as an important issue. Don’t wait, instead prepare and be ready.

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    sorry for the negative reply, but the font is real hard to see, its like gray on black. Other than that good article ty

    • Steve Berger says:

      Steve, I know. Something happened to it and I have tech guys working to solve it..I’m sorry.