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A Message from Dave Krikac

My friends,

I want to share with you this message from Grace Chapel Elder Dave Krikac for those of you who weren’t in church on Sunday, October 14, 2012. This will be my last Blog post for a while. This will be self-explanatory as you read Dave’s message below:

Today is a good day—obviously. Today is a happy day. Actually, this week is our [Grace Chapel’s] eighteenth birthday. Jesus has been very, very good to us. What started with a hope and a prayer from a handful of families in a school cafeteria has turned into a 4,000 member church that is touching lives around the world. You know this.

Today we want to thank Pastor Steve and Sarah for their hard work and leadership. Understanding the weight and toll that 23 years of pastoral ministry can have on a man and his family, the combined elder and financial boards made a decision a month ago.

We are requiring that Pastor Steve take a sabbatical—a break for his own spiritual, mental, emotional charging. This is really a standard thing. We’ve realized it is time and we’ve realized he is way overdue, and so is Sarah.

We believe it is God’s will for Steve to get some rest, to study, to pray—without the day-to-day responsibilities of the church hovering over him. There isn’t any more to it: no scandal, no sin, no problems (or whatever else you’re thinking about)! Thank you, Lord. We know that we’re going to get back a pastor that is more focused, refreshed and energized for the flock of Grace Chapel and for her future.

We know that Steve’s absence will allow others to step up into ministry positions—that will require the whole body to mature and grow. Ministry will actually increase if the church responds in a godly way. The pastors and elders are committed to seeing ministry increase and that Steve’s sabbatical, as well as Sarah’s, becomes a blessing for us all.

Steve will sporadically be at church services over the next couple of months. He will be here for the Sudan offering November 18, Governor Huckabee, and other [services]. Most importantly, the church needs to continue to be the church. It isn’t time for Grace Chapel to check out, church shop, quit attending, quit serving, quit giving, or start murmuring or complaining. It’s important that we say that. Grace Chapel needs to continue to be totally engaged. If Steve knows that, it will help him and Sarah get the rest they need, refresh, and plan for our future together.

Again, we can’t emphasize the point enough: we are going to get back a pastor and his wife who are fired up to lead us into the exciting things that God has for us in the future.

The elder board is available for any questions you might have. We’ve set up an email. It’s simply We are going to be available for get-togethers, meetings, coffee—whatever—scheduled meetings at your ability. Give us a call. We’re going to get together.

So, God bless Grace Chapel. I want to now ask Sarah to come up. I want to pray a blessing. I want the church family to pray a blessing over Steve and Sarah. Stand up if you would. The word that comes to my mind is “respite.” It’s rest. So let’s pray.

Lord, we, as the Grace Chapel family, stand here, Lord, and ask that You in Your abundance give peace and refresh Steve and Sarah. Lord, I pray that you would refill their emotional and spiritual bank account. What comes to mind is, Lord, when we tithe, Lord, you promise in Malachi that you are going to return to us, shaken down, pressed down, and overflowing. God, I can’t wait to see what You are going to do with the overflow, the abundance.

We also know and we’re reminded that out of abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. We can’t wait to see what comes out. So Lord, I pray that you would refresh them, renew them, Lord. Speak to them, Lord, with dreams and visions. And of this wonderful “down time” give them respite and the rest that they need, Lord. We commit them to You, as Your body Lord, we present them to you and pray that You will do it. We commit these things to You in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

2 responses to “A Message from Dave Krikac”

  1. Darren in Georgia says:

    I want to let Pastor Berger know how much he has blessed my life. I stumbled (not by chance but with God leading me) on this website and listened to one his messages on courage. I can’t tell this church enough how blessed you are to have such an annointed Pastor. His messages on courage and no compromise are messages this world needs to hear. Christians no longer have courage and are living a lives of compromise. They go to church and wonder why the church is not growing without looking inside themselves to see the problem starts with the life they are living. Pastor Berger speaks boldly and spot on about what’s wrong with the modern day church today. Thank you for his messages because it woke up my spirit within me to see that I am not living the life he called me to be. I have eagerly each Monday come to listen to his message because his message is always something my spirit needs to hear. Grace Chapel, God has blessed your church with a pastor who has annointing word for these end times. Thank you Pastor Berger for the word from God because through your obedience to stand and preach when most pastors are afraid, my life has been changed.