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God’s Favor: Because He First Favored Us

In my last post I wrote about the importance of wisdom as we seek God’s favor. God’s favor comes as a result of our listening, watching and waiting on Him. We’re dependent on His voice, His direction and His ways.

God’s favor also comes from our living righteously (Psalm 5:12) and diligently seeking good (Proverbs 11:27). So, how do we find the favor of God in our life? We seek wisdom, righteousness and diligently pursue and seek after good things.

But how do we, as fallen humans do that? Do we work and try hard to live a wise and righteous life?

We do, but we still fall short. We live the live of God’s Favor by understanding this:  Living in God’s favor means living in what God favors (wisdom, righteousness and seeking good things) because He first has favored you.

We can live our lives in His favor because His favor is already ours in Christ. We are not working and trying hard to get God to so something that He doesn’t want to do; we’re responding to what God has already done so that it becomes real in our life.

We’ve all heard the story about the poor soul who lives in poverty in some run-down apartment building. He’s lived his life as a pauper, and when somebody gets into his room, when he’s gone to Heaven, they find closets stuffed with money. In reality he’s a millionaire, but he never spent a dime.

This is a perfect example of a Christian who doesn’t understand the favor of God in their life. They die rich people but they lived as though they were poor. They have all the resources of Heaven and they don’t believe it because they don’t realize all they have in Christ and how generous our Father is who wants to lavish His favor upon us.

This is a turning point. When we realize that God has given us so much by saving us, adopting us, forgiving us and giving us by giving us an inheritance in Christ. God has valued us so much. He loves us. And, since He’s done so much for us, how can we not love Him in return? How can we not desire to live in wisdom and righteousness? How can we not find His favor?

It’s simple, we don’t know ALL that we have, in Christ.

He wants to pour out so much upon you. What’s keeping you from receiving it? What’s keeping you from walking in His favor?


The answer is this: Living in God’s favor means living in what God favors because He first has favored you. Friends, God’s favor is ours, in Christ and we live in wisdom, righteously and seeking good because that is what activates it for me, in Christ. We shouldn’t be trying to get God to do something, we just need to respond to what God has already done so that it becomes real in our lives.

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