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Snapshot of God’s Favor

In my last post I wrote that the abundant life—the life Christ came and died for us to have—is wrapped up in realizing and knowing God’s favor. In this post, I want to go a bit deeper and help us all get our arms around God’s favor and what it means for us.

One key verse, and this isn’t the totality of God’s favor, but it’s a wonderful snapshot of it, is Ephesians 1:3–14. Paul deliberately lays out God’s favor for us to see and then act upon in our lives.

  • We were chosen. In verse four Paul lets us know that we were chosen in Jesus Christ before the world was formed. God personally chose you and me. This is unbelievable favor and grace. God is saying, “I’m choosing you just because I’m choosing you.”
  • We are seen as holy and blameless. We’re still in verse four and Paul tells us that because we are in Christ, we’re seen as Holy and complete. When God looks at us, He sees us holy and blameless out of His great love for us. This is huge! God doesn’t see our guilt; He doesn’t see our shortcomings. He sees us as holy and blameless. He sees us in and through Christ.  We shouldn’t walk around with our head down—we’re favored and seen as holy and blameless—so walk with your head looking up, thanking God and feeling free.
  • We’ve been adopted. Verse five lets us know that we have been chosen to be adopted, not just into “some” family; but into the family of God! We don’t have to live our lives in spiritual fear and bondage. We’re adopted. It’s done. And, God is happy about it! He adopted us according to the good pleasure of His will.
  • We’ve been redeemed. Verse seven reminds us that we’ve been bought with a price. We are redeemed by Christ’s blood. It’s not our deeds (which are like filthy rags) but through Christ’s sacrifice and His blood. We’re not tied to our performance or our mistakes. We’re redeemed through His blood. We don’t have to listen to the Enemy’s lies about us, we are fully redeemed.
  • We are forgiven. Verse seven tells us that God super-abundantly poured our His grace on us through His son. God lavished grace on us because He’s not a stingy God, but a loving, giving God who has forgiven the foulest of our sins.
  • We know the hope of Heaven. Paul tells us in verse nine and ten that God happily revealed the fact to us that He is going to gather all things that are in Christ together at one time—all those who are in Heaven now and all those who are on earth. We’ll have this huge gathering in Heaven where every tear is wiped away and where we will love and worship Him forever. We know what the future holds—Heaven. It’s a huge part of knowing and living in God’s favor.
  • We have an inheritance. We find this in verse eleven and Paul also says it in Romans 8:17, “And if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.” We will be glorified with Jesus Christ someday. Glorified bodies, glorified lives in Heaven, glorified surroundings. That’s our inheritance.
  • We are sealed. We have been sealed with the Holy Spirit and we have been delivered from the wrath that is to come. We are sealed with Him and it’s tighter than any kind of bonding glue you can imagine.
  • We have a guarantee. Verse fourteen assures us that because we are sealed, we’re guaranteed our inheritance. We are marked as God’s own. This isn’t like an earthly promise of inheritance. We are sealed and marked by the Holy Spirit and we’re guaranteed of going to Heaven and realizing our full inheritance. God never lies or changes the terms of the deal. We are favored because our future is guaranteed.

Look at this list. Does this help you see God’s favor? Read Ephesians again and commit this list to your heart and mind. You are favored by God, realize it and live it.


3 responses to “Snapshot of God’s Favor”

  1. When I know the author of something I am reading, I imagine seeing them and hearing them saying the words. That happened as I read your words of encouragement from Ephesians. I then opened my Kindle to the scriptures you mentioned and turned on the audio version to hear the words and to imagine Paul speaking to me. Thank you Steve and Paul for talking directly to me today about God!

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