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Does God Know What He’s Doing?

In my last post, I answered some questions about a loving God in the midst of suffering and pain. In this post I want to focus on why God allows prolonged suffering. The answer is because He knows what He is doing. He looks at things with an eternal perspective. He knows the beginning from the end. He knows that He is working all things our for good (Romans 8:28) and for His glory. It’s something we must earnestly believe in, even in the midst of trails and pain we don’t understand. It’s our hope, in Him.

Sometimes the trials produce a greater good than if He miraculously intervened and fixed them like we always want Him to do. I know that’s hard to believe, especially in the middle of something heart-wrenching and awful. Hard to believe? Yes, but it’s the truth. Let me give you three quick examples of God allowing suffering for a greater good.

  • Joseph. He is sold by his jealous brothers into slavery. He is separated from mother, father, and family. He is taken to a foreign land. He is falsely accused of rape and then thrown into prison. He is forgotten while he is in prison, after being promised by a fellow prisoner that he  would help get him out of prison. But, then God, in His own sovereign timing, gets him out of prison and raises him to second-in-command of all of Egypt. He then is in a position to save his entire seventy member family that subsequently becomes the nation of Israel.Do you think God knows what He is doing? He absolutely does. Is it easy sitting in prison? Is it easy being falsely accused? Is it easy having your reputation dragged through the mud? No, there’s nothing easy about any of that, but God knows what He’s doing and Joseph trusted Him.

Genesis 50:20 Joseph says to his brothers, “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring about this day, to save many people alive.” Even though it looked like evil was prevailing, injustice was happening and  there was no future and no hope and no thoughts of peace and not of evil, God meant it for good. We have to believe that or we’re going to lose.

  • Job.This man lost everything he had. Family, treasure, health and anything else you can think of, Job lost. What was Job’s response? Job 1:20-22 tells us that he worshiped in the middle of this tragedy. He realized that God gives and that God takes away. He realized that sometimes there’s blessing and at other times, there’s adversity. But, it didn’t shipwreck him. He chose to worship.

Later in the book, Job gets a bit off track. In Job 42, we see the light come on in Job’s head and in his heart. He confesses that he’d blown it. He let his friends feed him on negativity. Now, however, he gets it. He’s back to worshiping and praising God in the middle of the trial. His circumstances had not changed—Job did. Later, God restored much more than Job ever had, but he didn’t know that would happen. He trusted God first.

  • Jesus.He was betrayed, arrested, whipped, mocked, crucified, killed and buried. The most unjust event that has ever happened in human history. When we are looking at it with natural eyes, we say, “God, this isn’t right; there’s nothing right about this. Jesus, He’s done nothing wrong; He’s sinless, God. How can this be right?”

It’s because God knows everything and He is working everything according to the counsel of His own sovereign will. God knows what He’s doing and we have to trust that promise. The worst thing in human history became the best thing in human history. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection salvation for mankind happened! In our humanness, we would be saying, “God stop this; make this go away.” God is saying, “If I make this go away y’all are lost forever.”

God says, “Trust me in your darkest hour and I’ll do my greatest work.” Corrie Ten Boom in a Nazi death camp said, “No matter how deep your darkness, God is deeper still.” We can’t just hear that with our ears; we have to see that with our eyes and with our hearts.

Does God know what He’s doing? Absolutely. He knows the beginning from the end and He works our ALL things “for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Trust, worship and let God work out everything for His glory because He knows what’s He’s doing.

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