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Choosing God’s Favor

Have you ever watched someone’s Spiritual life and it just seems like they’ve got it all put together?  You watch their life and it seems like their faith is solid, and they are growing and  and maturing in the Lord. There seems to be this flow of goodness that happens to them. They seem to have a grip on some truth that you just can’t find, no matter how hard you look.

What you are seeing in these people is called the favor of God. It is something that, if you are not experiencing it as part of your Christian walk, you must grab it and live it.  Experiencing God’s favor will absolutely revolutionize and change your life.

Why don’t more Christians live this way? Because they don’t understand two things: Who God is, and they don’t know who they are in God. Said another way, they don’t know all that is available to them in God and they don’t fully realize their standing in God.

Because they don’t understand these two fundamentals, they simply muddle through their Christian life. They know they are saved by grace. They know God loves them and they love God. However, the rest of their Christian life is just up to whatever they can “eek” out on their own power and on their own will. It’s tragic.

Instead, we need to live in God’s favor. This literally means that we are “endued with special honor.” When we live in God’s favor, we are enriched with a special grace that is beyond saving grace. It doesn’t replace it, it maximizes it with His favor and special honor.

Paul gives us a tremendous example when he writes Ephesians 1:3–6. In summary he tells us, “We have been chosen in Christ to be, before God, holy and blameless. We have been blessed with every spiritual blessing. Not only that, God has made us (those of us who are in Christ today) in His own sight highly favored.”

Do you feel that way? If you don’t it because you haven’t realized it. When we don’t feel that way it’s because we don’t know who we are in God and we don’t realize all that God has for us.

Read this very slowly and let it sink in: “God has made all of us who call ourselves Christians highly favored in the Lord Jesus Christ and He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing.”

Friends do you realize what God has given you? He has given you high favor and every spiritual blessing. He’s given that to YOU.

There is more between now and Heaven that God has for us. You can choose to muddle your way through life on your own way, or you can seize and live in God’s favor. There is more to this life, it’s realizing the favor of God. What’s your choice?

5 responses to “Choosing God’s Favor”

  1. Earth is jam packed with Heaven. I’m tripping over it every step I take. Only some days I confess, I can barely see the favor or the amazing blessings around me . . . the enemy works so hard to conceal it — and I too easily buy the lie.

    I’ve found that even “choosing” takes practice and intention (discipline = disciple) — and requires God’s grace. I ask for it every day. I pray that for all of us.

    Great post! :)

  2. Pat Griggith says:

    When people aren’t experiencing the favor of God and do not know the two things you discuss here I think maybe they are not studying the Bible enough. Studying the Bible makes such a huge difference. It is written, I am found in the volume of the Book. That is so true. When I started to really study the Bible, not just read a chapter or two, but dig down deep study, it made such a difference in my life.

  3. Lee LaGraize says:

    Steve, thanks for this message. I SO feel this way (on most days :)… favored by God. I’ve been a Christian since 19 yrs old, but it was only about 5 years ago that I started to live the “favored” life that God has for me. You’re right, There IS SO MUCH MORE! thanks again, Lee

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