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Standing Firm with Courage

We are currently in a series about courage. We’re studying Joshua and unpacking what it means to “be strong and of good courage.” (Joshua 1:6). Joshua’s courage came from God’s assurance and one way it showed itself was in how Joshua stood firm in the face of danger, the enemy and sin.

Where are you? Are you standing firm in the face of whatever is in front of you? Or, have you become like the people in Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-17)? They let go of so much of God’s blessing and replaced it with themselves. Are you trusting yourself and your accomplishments? Have you turned away from kingdom living and reverted to self-sufficiency? Are you choosing flight over fight (with God’s help)?

Like Joshua, we need to hold firm. We need to first understand our need for spiritual poverty (Matthew 5:3). We need to recognize when we’re grabbing for control over God’s promises and provision, and stop and let go. We need to say, “God, I need you every second of every day. I’m trusting you, I’m seeking you and I love you.” We need to hold firm to Him, not our selves.

We can repent. The good news is that we can turn around and change directions.  We can turn away from our prideful, arrogant, and self-sufficient, running-away ways that have crept into our lives. We can repent, draw near to Him and stand firm as we enter the Kingdom. We need to hold firm to Him, not our past mistakes, our emotions, or our pride.

We can be comforted. We can be changed. To do that we must realize our own spiritual poverty and then ask God to help us to see the Kingdom. We must repent and change direction. Paul, in Romans twelve calls it a “renewing of our mind.” Let’s hold firm and choose the kingdom of heaven. Let’s choose blessedness and holding firm through understanding and repenting. Let’s embrace spiritual poverty. Let’s trust Jesus in all things and walk in love, humility and grace holding firm to Him and His promises for our lives.

We can stand firm. Joshua, with God’s help and promises, held firm. He stood his ground. Are you prepared to hold your ground? Are you ready to live by the promises of God? Or live in retreat in what only you can do?

Will you join me in holding firm and standing with God?

One response to “Standing Firm with Courage”

  1. Standing ground and moving forward, in faith. Not of my own self but by His power. Not by my own goals but by His promises and leading. Is the path clear, all answers given, each step well marked? Absolutely not! But with courage, I move into the unknown with an unexplainable peace. Are the risks high? I have much that can be lost, but some much more to be gained. I join you in standing firm.