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Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

We need to let perfect love have its way in our hearts. We need to allow that perfect love to send the terror and turmoil we sometimes feel straight back to hell from where it came.


I was talking to a man one Sunday after first service. He’s a really good and wonderful guy. He said, “Steve, you know what I do when I’m feeling fearful? It always seems to get on me when I’m in the shower. I feel tormented and all that stuff.” He’s a grown man, nearly 60 years old. He continued, “I start singing, ‘Jesus loves me this I know.’ It’s amazing; my circumstance doesn’t change but the terror flees.” Why does this happen for him? Because perfect love casts out fear.

Friends, every time we think about the future and our future is filled with fear and torment, We don’t see God in our situation. We don’t see God in our circumstances. Every time we’re burdened by fear, the devil starts playing his mind games with us. He makes us feel like we’re going to crash and burn. We let the enemy into our circumstances and we’re toast. Here’s the good news: When we let God into them, fear is cast out.

We need to start realizing  and seeing the incredible and awesome love of God. We need to sing “Jesus Loves Me,” and start saying, “Lord, there’s your love. There’s your presence. There’s your person. There you are with your arm around me while I’m singing to You.”

We need to know that it doesn’t matter what comes our way. When God is there, it doesn’t matter. It’s going to be all right. Why? Because of His perfect love for us! We can trust Him because He loves us so much that we can’t even comprehend it. Heaven’s bounty is unlocked once we trust and know He loves us.

Pastor John Ortberg wrote, “When we live in the flow of the Spirit, we let the perfect love of God wash over us until our fears begin to leave…God calls himself our Comforter, and He will be our refuge, our rock, our fortress, and our safety. He longs to hold us, love us, and watch over us. Perfect love casts out fear.”

Here’s the question. Can you trust Him? Can you allow His love to replace any fear or torment you may be facing? Will you choose His perfect love or the devil’s torment?  He’s there for you. He’s made a way for you to be free and the way is found in His perfect love.

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