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God Has So Much for You

I was reminded of something that happened to me when I was a little baseball-playing seven-year-old kid growing up outside Detroit, Michigan. One night, I went to  a Tiger game at Tiger Stadium with my dad. The Tigers were playing the Cleveland Indians. Our neighbor worked for the Detroit News and got us great seats. They were right behind the visitor’s dugout. It was like, Yes, we’re going! I put my “T” baseball cap on because my Little League team was also the Tigers.

We got there, I grabbed my dad’s hand, and we walked down to our seats. You know when you go to a sporting event you want to walk down because that means your close to the action. Well, we were walking down. We got to our seats, and the game was rain-delayed. The tarp covered the field.

As I was sitting there in my seat with my dad eating my hot dog, there were a bunch of kids down by the Cleveland Indians’ dugout. Some players were signing autographs. I’m sitting in my seat, minding my own business. I haven’t asked for an autograph. I haven’t done a thing. Then one of the baseball players on the Cleveland Indians, his name was Luis Alvarado, is pointing up to where we are. I’m moving because surely he is choosing someone else.

I’m moving and doing everything I can and he continues pointing at me. Finally it sinks in. I walk down there with my little hat. All these other kids are standing around and they’re just waiting to see what is going to happen to this kid who wasn’t even seeking an autograph. I walked down there and Luis Alvarado goes, “Hey kid, you want one of my bats?” He’s a pro baseball player! I’m a third baseman on the Dearborn Heights Tigers. He’s going to give me his bat! I look at him and say, Well, yes! Yeah! He gave me his bat. It had pine tar on it. It had athletic tape. It was a game bat!

I walked back up the stairs showing the bat to my dad, fooling around with the athletic tape on it.  A couple of minutes later Alvarado starts pointing up my way again. This time I jumped right up and go, “Me”? He goes, “Yeah. You. Come here.”

When I got back down, he says, “You want a ball to go with the bat?”

I looked at him and said, “No. You’ve given me enough already.” He looked at me like I was nuts.

They called the game due to rain. I walked out of Tiger Stadium with Luis Alvarado’s bat in my hand. I cannot tell you how many kids I heard as I walked out with my bat, There’s the kid that got the bat. There’s that lucky kid that got the bat.

Out of the multitudes, I was chosen. Out of the multitudes of Little Leaguers, he called my name. I didn’t seek it. I didn’t deserve it. There was nothing about me or anything that I did to cause him to choose me and bless me. But, he did it.

Unfortunately, we treat our Christianity just like I treated Luis Alvarado when he wanted to give me the ball. We say, “No, Lord, You’ve given me enough already,” and we walk back to our seat. Saved. Thankful. Appreciative. But not wanting more because in our minds, He’s already given so much.

The truth is, it doesn’t glorify God when we’re content with just salvation. It’s a wonderful thing, but when God has the riches of Heaven, and every spiritual blessing in heavenly places reserved for us and we say, “No, Lord, You’ve done enough,” that does not glorify God.

What glorifies God is saying, “Lord, give me the ball too. I’m ready to go.” He wants to play ball and we want to sit in our seats.

You were chosen before the foundation of the world. You were chosen before you did wrong things. You were chosen before you did good things. You were chosen and predestined to know the Lord Jesus Christ. That is His favor. That is His unbelievable grace. That is God saying, “I’m choosing you just because I’m choosing you.”

Are you ready to get out of your seat and receive all that God has for you? His favor is abundant.

6 responses to “God Has So Much for You”

  1. That you for the powerful story and call to action. I love you for that; you do it often for many of us! I admit that I needed the reminder to be willing to receive what God has to give me to serve others today and not just go it in my own strength. I thank Him frequently for all He has given to me. But am I saying, “no thanks” by not being ready for what He is offering me, in this moment to go forward? Most likely, much more than I realize.

  2. Kelly Muriello says:

    You thank you for that message this morning What a blessing to read your posts. We love you guys.

  3. Francisco says:


    Luis alvarado is from my home town, and a day like today MArch 20 he died at 52 at his home town Lajas, Puerto Rico. Can I have your email? This is a wonderfull story, thank you for sharing. .