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YOU Are Highly Favored

In Ephesians 1:6 the Apostle Paul said that God has highly favored you in Christ. The verse reads, “to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved.” The Common English Bible translates it this way, “and to honor his glorious grace that he has given to us freely through the Son whom he loves.” It means this—if we are in Jesus Christ, God’s high favor is upon us. It means we’ve been given special grace, or we’re highly favored.

My friend and fellow pastor Jon Courson writes in his New Testament Commentary, “It doesn’t matter how you feel about yourself. You don’t have to take your spiritual temperature hour by hour. You don’t have to wonder, Am I hot? Am I cold? How am I doing? You won’t have to go through the kind of introspection that will inevitably set you up for spiritual depression if you understand the simple principle that you are embraced not because of who you are, but because of where you are. You’re in Christ.”

Isn’t that terrific news? It’s not about us, but it’s about the spiritual favor we received because of where we are, in Christ! We are highly favored not because of anything we’ve done, but because of what Christ did for us.

This should radically transform our lives!! It shouldn’t be something where we say, Isn’t that a lovely thought. Let’s make a refrigerator magnet out of that. Let’s make some greeting cards. No! The fact that we are highly favored by God and that it’s not because of what we’ve done, should turn us into a living epistle. It should turn us into a living greeting card—not just something we stick on a shelf somewhere. The favor of God is something that should change our life.

Praise God for not just what He’s done; praise Him for who He is and the favor He grants each of us who are in Him.

Have you seen God’s favor? How has it changed your life? Please share your story with us.


Courson, J. (2003). Jon Courson’s Application Commentary (1228). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson.

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