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Why We Are Not Studying God’s Word

There are some startling published statistics about the Bible and how so many Christians are not regularly reading  or studying it.

George Barna, in 2005, asked American Christians to rate their spiritual maturity. Christians offered the harshest evaluation of their Bible knowledge with 25 percent calling themselves not too mature or not at all mature.

Occasional Bible readers have declined from 79 percent of Americans in the 1980’s to 59 percent according to Gallup Poll research. Only 16 percent of Christians polled said they read the Bible daily.

This is amazing. Christians are not in God’s Word. How do they defend their faith? How do they get closer to Jesus and understand His will for their lives?

in Mark 4:14-20, Jesus gives the answer to the parable of the sower. There are some interesting things to point out:

First, do you notice that only 25% of the soils (or people) produced fruit? Seventy-five percent of the soils, three of the four soils, didn’t produce anything and they all heard the same message from the same Word. We may think this doesn’t apply to us, but re-read the Gallup and Barna numbers. They are US! We can’t point fingers at the people in Jesus’ day because we have to point the same fingers at ourselves. We’re not in the Word and consequently, we’re not producing fruit. Our hand isn’t in the harvest because we’re not in the Word. We don’t know Jesus and we’re not serving people.

The next thing I want to point out is this: Can you see that there is serious opposition keeping us from hearing the Word and becoming fruitful doers of it? In the first soil, Satan comes immediately to steal the Word.

Satan knows that if we get the Word in us and if we keep the Word in us, we are going to bear fruit and he can’t stand it. So immediately there’s satanic opposition that’s keeping the Word from getting into our hearts.

Lastly, worldliness happens. Our desire for riches and our lust for other things, and the accompanying deceitfulness that comes with those carnal, fleshly things, comes in and chokes the Word out. Why? Because what we’re longing for and lusting for are natural, carnal things and they are choking out the Spirit and life of the Word of God. There is radical, serious opposition that keep us from getting in the Word and we need to fight it.

There is a massive attack when we try to get into the Word of God. You’ve got to know it, and you can’t just take it laying down. As much as you try to justify having a dusty Bible—it’s not going to hold weight or water in Heaven. God is saying, “Get your face in the Book. Get the Book in your heart. Don’t be deceived. Don’t be unfruitful.”

How frequently do you read your Bible? How does the enemy try to keep you away from God’s Word? What are some things you do to prevent his attack and stay focused on what God is saying in the Bible? What is one thing you could do today that would give you an opportunity to study more of His Word?

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