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Winning the Battle

Here’s a question: What has God done for us so we can prevail in the battle? We have an enemy. He’s wily, scheming, accusing and wants to devour us. Surely, in this spiritual battle, God hasn’t left us here as orphans to try on our own wits and strength to try to win this battle alone. Surely He hasn’t! So, what has He done?

In Ephesians 1:19–23 Paul is praying for the church in Ephesus and gives us the answer.

The first thing Paul says that God has done for us is this—We desparately need to know the greatness of God’s power toward those of us who believe. He’s given us the same resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead. That’s great power! Power to defeat the enemy.

Then, Paul tells us that Jesus is seated at God’s right hand, far above all principality, power, might and dominion. How does that benefit us? It affects us very powerfully because when we read Ephesians 2:6 Paul writes and says, “and [He] raised us up together, and made us to sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.”

It’s not just Jesus who is seating at the right hand of God, it’s YOU! and it’s ME!

There is a reason we can beat up on the Devil. We are seated with Jesus in heavenly places. We have authority. We have power and we don’t have to let the bondage that this wily, scheming enemy puts on us. We can take authority over the lies he’s telling us. We can take authority of how he’s messing with our life. We can take authority because we have the authority.

Does the schemer and liar of this world yak at you? Does he try to convince you that you are unloved? Unforgiven? Not worthy? You can, today, if you believe in Jesus, take authority over him and prevail.


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