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Knowing Lasting Freedom

Freedom is in our very DNA Freedom is part of who we are and what we long for as the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. There is something in us that is unexplainable, and undefined, but we crave freedom and we want freedom. Throughout history people are willing to fight and die to be free—or what they perceive of freedom being—because it’s innately in us.

The problem comes when we try to be free apart from the God who created it and instilled it in us. If we try to be free only through our culture or only through our governmental structures, we realize by morning that they are filled with worm holes. There’s no real freedom to be had there. Our freedom comes from the God who created and designed it for us in the first place. Any freedom we try to find apart from freedom in Him isn’t going to last. It won’t come close to the freedom He has for us.

Freedom is God’s intention for us. We can go all the way back to the Garden of Eden and clearly see it. Adam and Ever were free. They walked with God in paradise. There was no sin, no shame and no guilt. Then, when sin enters into the Garden, this incredible relationship with God is dealt a massive blow. Suddenly, there is shame. Suddenly, there is guilt and fear. Sin enters the Garden and there is doubt, and insecurity. Adam and Eve are hiding from God. They spend their time stitching together fig leaves and covering ourselves up saying, “Everything is cool; it’s alright.”  God, on the other hand is saying, “No, you have fig leaves on. You didn’t used to.”

At this point, insecurity, doubt, captivity, bondage, brokenness are introduced to the human race.  The freedom we have with God and with one another is dealt a serious, serious blow.

When we separate from the freedom God intended us to have, we’re in bondage. When we look to other things outside of God’s Freedom to give us peace, we’re left feeling empty. When we cover up, we’re in captivity and slavery.

How do we regain our freedom? “The wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus. (Romans 6:23)” We can be free from sin, sin’s dominion and it’s power because Jesus came here to set us free. He’s THE choice for true freedom.

What about you? Do you feel free? Or do you feel you’re in bondage? Are you stitching together clothes to cover up or are you living the life Christ came to give you — Free.

Steve Berger is senior pastor of Grace Chapel Leipers Fork, TN. He is the author of Have Heart: Bridging the Gap Between Heaven and Earth as well as several other Bible study guides.

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