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Diving Deeper

Several well-meaning friends gave us books on grief in the days and weeks after Josiah left for Heaven. The only ones that ever brought comfort were those about Heaven. In others there seemed to be this common thread of relating grief to a tidal wave that picks you up, thrashes you around, and finally leaves you alive on the beach. My wife, Sarah, and I understand this analogy oh so well and have felt at times worn out on that beach. But the Lord has given us a different picture to focus on when we feel the pull of a mighty wave heading our direction. This analogy that I’m going to share with you today came from Sarah’s time with the Lord, so I want to let her share it in her own words:

As a child growing up in Southern California, I (Sarah) was taught to dive under the waves. I learned early on that you can’t stand—you need to go under or you will be toppled. In Laguna Beach there is a specific type of sea grass called eelgrass, and as a wave approached, I would dive under the waves and hold on to that grass. I could feel the wave at the surface and the force wanting to take me with it. Just as I learned to do in the ocean waves, the Lord encouraged me to do the same to withstand the waves of grief. His words to me were, “Dive deeper and hold on.”
When I feel a wave of grief coming, I usually drop to my knees and ask the Lord through tears, “Take me deeper, Lord. Show me everything I need to know in this journey. I cannot bear that anything be wasted.” We cry together and somehow I know that I have been with God and at times, even Siah. In my fellowship with Creator God, I am renewed and gain what moments before I may have lacked in my spirit—eternal perspective.

It’s amazing how God can take something physical, like Sarah’s experience of diving under the waves, to make a spiritual application that encourages our hearts as we walk this journey each day. If you are in a place of grieving, ask the Father to help you dive deeper and feel His loving arms more fully today.

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2 responses to “Diving Deeper”

  1. Alain says:

    Great post!!
    i’ve learned recently that when you are sad or grieving, offer your sufferings to the lord, and try to accept them just like you are suffering for Jesus ! This makes you more humble and patient in your life and makes your hard days fulled in happiness in some way!